How to Choose Google AdWords That Really Work for SEO

Like many advertisers, you may rely on Google AdWords as your main PPC engine. But aside from boosting your paid traffic, you can depend on it for SEO as well. The most important benefit of using AdWords for SEO is keyword research.

As you may know, keywords are the crux of all successful SEO campaigns, and whether or not you're a pro in your niche, it's always necessary to research your keywords. This is simply because people often look for rather unexpected keywords or keyphrases that may never occur even to the most successful experts. Nonetheless, what's most important when you talk about high rankings is finding keywords that match the searches made by your intended audience, and not necessarily those deemed most popular by "SEO gurus."

Of course, at the end of the day, what makes keywords useful is their converting power. It won't matter how accurate or careful you've been in choosing them. Unless you've actually tried them out, you'll never know if they're really working or not. It's possible to get the most lucrative keywords with the highest global search volumes and the least competition, and still fail.

Let's take, for example, a web design company's website that is optimized for the keyword, "search engine optimization." It may take them a year or longer, with the greatest effort, to be number one on Google for "search engine optimization," but there is still no assurance that they actually will.

But let's just say this does happen - they do end up topping Google for that keyword after one full year of SEO work. Still, even if they become number one for "search engine optimization" on Google, they may still not get the outcome they wanted, if the keyword's bounce rate is very high. Look up search engine marketing online to know more. 

Because the company is into web design and not SEO services, many of those who end up in their website through "search engine optimization" will not find what they're searching for. Instead, keywords that are less popular, like "web design for SEO" or "SEO web design" may have lower bounce rates and can be more effective than "search engine optimization."

The outcome is not unpredictable but their costs are. Launching an AdWords campaign would have stopped them from going through all the trouble. AdWords would have cost them $20 to $50 on for "search engine optimization" and they would have known after a week or sooner that this keyword's bounce rate is too high and that doing organic SEO for it would be illogical. In other words, those $20 to $50 AdWords would have kept them from wasting an entire year of futile SEO work. That's how important it is to be careful in picking Google AdWords to use in your campaign.

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